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About Us

About us

The idea behind The Provence Market came to be during a romantic vacation in the South of France. Michele is American, but became a devoted Francophile following a year spent studying there. He grew up in France, but completed his studies in the US and ended up staying.

Their first vacation in Provence was full of discoveries and joys, and prompted many more. Provence is a unique place. It combines varied landscapes, a long history, an incredibly rich art scene and enchanting markets. Its colors and lighting were a source of inspiration for painters like Cezanne and Van Gogh, and the Provencal lifestyle inspired many writers such as Pagnol, Mistral or Daudet. In Provence, history, the arts, and style all come together.

So it is their passion for Provence and its “douceur de vivre” that Michele and Jean-Marie want to share with you in their curated collection of tees.

Fall in love with Provence.

Provence Market Map