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The Fondation Carmignac on the Island of Porquerolles

The Fondation Carmignac on the Island of Porquerolles

The Carmignac Art Center is on this little portion of paradise, on the island of Porquerolles.

An easy day trip from Hyeres, it is a perfect escape on this enchanting island. It has virtually no cars and far more rental bicycles than people Just fill up your daypack with the beach checklist and head over. You will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and the friendly biking mostly on dirt paths.

But the real treat in the Porquerolles paradise is at the Carmignac Art Center. Nestled in nature, a 10-minute walk from the village (there is only one), the center has both permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as a sculpture garden (permanent). The center was designed to integrate into the landscape, matching colors and spirit. Interestingly the shoes come off for the indoor visit, helping a fuller experience of this unique space. And as you walk through the distinctly modern space, you will notice the absence of attribution for any of the pieces presented. Of course, if you paid attention to the French only-speaking guide (really?) you were prepared for this unique feature:-)

Do make a reservation for the guided tour which will help appreciate the center (again, only in French when we visited), and wear your favorite The Provence Market Tee, it will definitely add to your enjoyment ;-)


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