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Visiting Château La Coste

Visiting Château La Coste

In the little “commune” of Le Puy Ste Réparade, Château La Coste is a unique experience. Actually, after a walk through the gardens and a delicious lunch – which included a glass of Château La Coste rosé, I can say that Château La Coste offers many different experiences.

We had come for the art and architecture, but experienced much more, and left determined to come back.

Le Château (and its 500 acres) can be found in a discrete setting, evidence of its philosophy to remain in harmony with nature. As we arrived midday and quite hungry, we decided to start with a quick lunch at the Tadao Ando restaurant. Of course, a glass of Château La Coste rosé was in order, and it is with some newly found enthusiasm and energy that we headed out for our self-directed tour.

But before we take you there, we should mention that we learned that there are several restaurants on premises. We won’t tell you about them for a few good reasons, my preferred one being that they are there for you to discover ;-)

After consulting with the very friendly and multilingual staff – they can recommend various itineraries based on time available - we headed out, armed with an umbrella, courtesy of le Château.

As one wanders the grounds, one discovers these modern sculptures, all offering a different esthetic, with their own rhythm, and each inviting a pause.

Of course, the vineyards are everywhere, as Château La Coste produces some fine bio wines. We were there in November, and most of the vines had lost their leaves, but even in this fall setting, the vistas remain striking.

One recognizes some famous names that mark the estate, from architect Jean Nouvel, the sculptors Richard Serra and Louise Bourgeois, and many others.

The walk through the woods offer a very peaceful and relaxing experience, even if the occasionally muddy path reminded us to stay alert.

The estate offers many experiences. It features villas for the discerning (and well-to-do) traveler seeking peace and refinement, an outdoor concert hall, a spa, wine workshops, and much more.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit Château La Coste, just 10 miles north of Aix-en-Provence, you will not forget the experience. More information can be found at


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